Old RT61


One of the things I enjoy doing is getting “out there” with my camera’s and go snooping around in Historic Places,  abandoned areas,  and other places that might interest me.  I do this as often as I can.   Now,  that I’m retired,  I can do it more often than when I had to work for a living.  Once in a while I get into trouble by going into someplace that I should not be in.  It doesn’t happen often,  cause I’m careful to observe where I’m going and what might be there that I don’t know about.  At times,  I carry,  a. 45cal pistol for protection from a unknown.  I’ve never had to use it .  .  .  yet!

So,  anyway,  the above image shows a long abandoned 4 lane Highway that used to be used quite heavy.  This road led into a Coal mining town named Centraila.  The town now no longer exists,  thanks to a Mine Fire that has been burning under the town for more than 50 yrs.  All but 2 people have moved out of what was Centraila.  Nothing exists there anymore except brush and overgrowth.  The road also led into another town named Ashland,  but this Coal town is still here.

The old road is abandoned now and is impossible to travel on.   Large cracks, big bumps in the road from the heat of the fire,  create a strange surface to walk on.   Being careful and watching where your walking is a must here.  As you see it is just full of graffiti.   Some of the painting and drawing is pretty good,  if I must say.  The rest is just swear words,  and sexual words.

I remember driving up and down this road in its heyday.  Now,  there is nothing here but nature and silence.

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