Welcome to Barnesville,  PA.

Believe it or not there used to be another Coal mining town at this spot.  Again,  back in the 60’s Barnesville was a normal town just like Centralia that I mentioned before.  Barnesville was located about a half mile down the road from Centralia.  It also had homes and businesses.   However,  due to the Mine Fire that was burning in Centraila the residents started suffering from the smoke and fire that was following the same Coal seam as in Centraila.   The main Coal vein ran right under the town.  Again,  the gov’t offered the people a fair market value for their homes.

All of the residents took the offers and also moved away.   Homes were torn down leaving a empty area.   Nature has reclaimed the area now and there is not much there to show that a busy town used to be here.  At places,  you can still see some of the sidewalk and curbs,  but most of it is buried under dirt and scrub.  There is just one fire hydrant still visible on the old sidewalk.

The Images I shot show what used to be the Main St.  If you look close you can see my car parked in what used to be a driveway for someone’s home.  It took me 2 times to locate this area.  I drove right past it the first time.   Had to ask someone just where this town was.  You can drive right past it and never know what used to be here.

2 thoughts on “Byrnesville

  • Ghost towns in the American West are commonplace enough, but one doesn’t think about Eastern US having places where towns were abandoned for whatever reason. In my state, there is one town on the Missouri River that has moved two times, each time in response to changes in the river that put the town under water. Niobrara, NE .

  • As far as I know, the Mine Fire that destroyed this town, is still burning to this day more than 60 yrs. later. Thank you for the interest.

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