For more than 10 yrs. I’ve had a Dell Deminsion 3000 Desktop System that ran on Windows XP.  It was a good system and provided me with many hours of usage.  On occasion, it would give me some minor problems that I had to figure out for myself.  There was 2 times, that I got a bad virus from the Internet that my Anti-virus program didn’t pick up, so I had to have it repaired back to normal by a professional who knows much, much more than I do.

The Dell System ran pretty good for many years, until I started having more and more trouble with it.  It would work, but was having problems connecting to my Server and using the system in general.  Finally, it just died and I could use it no longer.  The screen Monitor worked just fine and still does, but the tower was pretty much dead.  Had to start thinking about getting a new system or go without and that was not going to happen.

Since it has been so many years since I’ve bought a new computer I found in shopping around that systems have changed so very much.  I was caught in a computer decision.  Which one is best?  Which one is best for the money you can spend?  I decided after shopping around for more than a week on getting this HP Envy Laptop.  It has a 750gb. drive and lot’s more of stuff that I was pleased with.  I don’t know a whole lot of computer jargon, but it’s a lot faster than my other one.  The 15.5 in. screen is real nice and can be adjusted to my liking.  I can also pick this thing up and take it most anywhere that has a Wi-Fi connection.  However, it does have some things that it does that I don’t care for.

The flat keyboard is very sensitive to the touch.  I have to get used to it, which I’m doing all the time.  When I went to school for typing there was no such thing as this.  Also, the Touch Pad is just what it say’s. Very much sensitive and makes this laptop do things that I don’t want it to.  I’m told and read that this all can be adjusted, but I have had not much luck so far.  I’ll keep trying.

Kinda wondering just how long this system will last?  Will it be as good as my last one?  I’m hoping that it will.  Thanks for reading.

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