I’m going to try and do a Post from my Samsung tablet and see how it comes out.  Never did this before,  so I don’t know what’s going to happen.  The reason for this is that I have more images on my tablet than on my laptop system.  Here I can access more photos that I have taken of where I’ve been.

The Historic town of Jim Thorpe is located a good hour drive away.  It is known for the many historical buildings and small shops where tourists can snoop around and learn the History behind it.  The original name of this town was Mauch Chunk,  but was changed because of the famous athlete,  Jim Thorpe,  that was from this town back in 1932.


Jim Thorpe got most of its start from the time when Coal was King in the area.  Coal was shipped by rail thru this town on its way to places that it was needed to power our growing Industrial power.  Many of the buildings here are the original ones that have been here for over 200 yrs.  The building above with the still working clock tower was once the office for the Lehigh Coal Company.  Now,  it has different offices,  for businesses around the county.


Here is another original building.  The Hoover Mercantile Co. was a business that sold all kinds of different goods for the Miners and people around the area.  It is still a working business,  but sells different types of merchandise than before.  Mostly it’s tourist things.  This still has the original floor and walls from so long ago.

I have been here 3 times so far.  Each time I notice something different.  During the Fall Season when all the leaves in the surrounding mountains start changing color the town gets so full of Tourists that it’s hard to move around.  The streets are very narrow and finding a parking spot is a real problem!  There is some spaces set aside for tourists,  but you’ve gotta get here early in the day to get one.  In the times I’ve been here I had to park a distance away and walk!  There are other things about this town,  which I will post about later on.
Thanks for reading!

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