Ever since I started seeing commercials, adds, and brochures on taking one of these Cruise’s to a place that has sandy white beaches, warm tropical weather, and just being aboard one of these Cruise ships, I started wanting to do this for a long time.  When vacation time came around during the year, we seem’d to always have some other place in mind to go and see.  Disney World was just one of them.  We never seem’d to get to get aboard one of these Cruise ships. 

Finally, in January of 2012, we started getting information on how to take one of these great Cruise’s to the Bahamas.  I’ve never been here before.  The pictures of what you can do aboard ship, where you are going, and all what the trip has to offer, we decided to pay the fee to go aboard and travel to the place I’ve always wanted to see.  The Cruise Line was Carnival and the ship of passage was the Pride.  We had to book very early, cause these types of Cruises fill up fast.  Then we had to wait until Sept. of 2012 to board the ship out of Bayonne, NJ.  I was so fired up about going, I could hardly stand it!

After going thru all the Custom checks and security, we got aboard the Pride.  I was so excited about going and being there, all I wanted to do is walk around the ship and see what’s there.  It’s a big ship!  Has 12 levels with staterooms, swimming pools, bars, a casino, places to just sit and enjoy, and so much much more.


Here’s a shot of the ship before leaving the Port of Bayonne, NJ.  I can not begin to describe how wonderful it was to be aboard what I wanted to do for so long.  We chose a inside stateroom that had no windows.  Just 2 beds and room enough to do your normal stuff.  Nothing fancy.  It was much cheaper that way.  When you are aboard, you don’t need any money for much of anything, except if you want to tip anyone.  Everything you buy or drink is recorded on your card that is issued to you before boarding.  Your food, as much as you want, is included in the price you pay.  Alcoholic drinks like beer and anything else from the bar, you have to pay for with your card.  Since I don’t drink that much, I didn’t run up and expensive tab.  Soda, coffee, water, juice is available at all times.  Just go get it!  In the evening for supper or dinner, your meal is included with the price.  The food is great and well prepared.  You can get all you want for no extra charge!  We ate good.  Seafood one day, steak another, and a different entrée every night.


We left Port and headed for the Bahamas Islands.  The sea was so nice and calm with hardly any swells or wind.  Being in the US Navy for 11 yrs. the gentle pitching of the ship didn’t bother me at all.  It was so nice to stand on the 12th Level with a drink in my hand, and just enjoy what I saw in front of me.  I caught 2 or 3 different shots of the sunset’s at sea with the Pentax.  They came out great!  The above image shows our first Port of Call which was named Half Moon Cay.  The beach was so white and the sand so soft.  The water was a beautiful blue and very warm.  Everything that you wanted was here.  Shops, bars, people to wait on you hand and foot.  All we did was enjoy!


Another shot of the ship from the island of Half Moon Cay.


This was taken just after we departed the ship on Half Moon Cay from the pier.


This is just how blue the water is.  Taken exactly as it was.  No editing here at all!


More of the beaches of Half Moon Cay.  Water was so clear!


Of course, you are being watched!  I shot these looking at the remote camera’s that are stationed around the upper decks of the ship.  I am also assuming that these camera’s are not only for keeping an eye on what’s going on, but for navigation purpose’s also.  It’s such a huge ship that the Skipper has to see what’s astern of him and also what’s to Port and Starboard.  After shooting these, I waved at the camera just for the fun of it all!


Taken from the upper decks this is what Half Moon Cay Island looked like.  Found out later on that this Island is owned by the Carnival Cruise Line.  Why doesn’t that surprise me.

Like I stated before, I have never had such a great time as I did on this Cruise.  This was the first time I could take a Cruise without getting shot at!!  We will probably take another Cruise next year, but aboard a different ship. 

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  1. I’ve often though a riverboat cruise of the Mississippi or the rivers of continental Europe would be fun. I’m less enthusiastic being on the ocean, though a person can perish in six feet of water as soon at 2000!

    1. We had talked about doing one of those River Cruises, but found they are much more expensive than going on a Cruise to the Bahamas. Would not mind seeing the Mississippi River and what’s around it. Lots of History there for me.
      Thanks for following my Blog. It’s appreciated.

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