A few years ago, after I had purchased my Pentax K10D DSLR Camera, I became interested in doing some photography in IR.  I had seen other images from others out there who like doing the same thing, so I thought I’d give it a try.

Snooping around the Internet, I had to find out if my camera would perform such a thing as IR.  After reading some different articles about it, I found that I’d have to purchase a Hoya IR Filter that would screw on the front of my 58mm Lens.  Also, found that these Filters are not real cheap if you want a good quality Image.  I looked over a few of them on Ebay and decided on one that would suit my interest.  I ordered one and it came in the mail a few day’s later.

Upon opening the small package, I noticed that the Filter is very dark.  You can not see thru it.  I wondered just why, and then had to ask some questions from the local Photography Club that I belong to here.  I found that it’s not quite as easy as you think it is to do.  What I ended up doing is taking the camera and Lens with my Tripod to my favorite place for shooting, get the settings just right, focus the frame I want and lock it.  Then screw on the Filter, very gently, and press the remote trigger.  Sounds easy, right?  Nope, not quite!

Since I know next to nothing about Infrared Photography, the pictures that I took came out terrible!!  I just didn’t have the settings on the camera right.  So, back out there and try again.  This time I tried a different setting and only shot 3 Images, hoping they would come out right.  Now, after posting them up on the computer screen they looked better, so now I had to convert them over by switching the color settings in my photo editing software.  The above shot is the only one that worked!!

After taking these few Images with a Hoya IR Filter, I tried to do some more, but for some odd reason it just does not work anymore.  I use the same settings as before, but my software does not convert the Images like it did before.  Why, I have no idea.  It’s not the camera.  After many try’s to keep doing this, I finally gave up on it.

I still have the Filters in my bag, but they just sit there not being used.  I wish I could find out a concrete way to do this.  Maybe I just don’t have the right software.  Until then, I’ll put IR Photography on hold.

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3 thoughts on “IR PHOTOGRAPHY

  1. I too shoot with a K10D, but have not played with infrared. What if you converted this image to a b/w. That would give you more to work with in terms of post processing tweaks and I think you would like it.

    1. To comment on your suggestion, I have tried that but the outcome just does not come out the same or as good as reversing the color for an IR photograph. I had called Pentax and asked them about how good the Pentax K10D is for shooting IR. Their response was that it was never tested for that type of photography. I’m sure that it will do it, but I just can’t seem to get the settings just right. I was also told to use the software program called Lightroom CS6. Don’t think so. Very expensive to purchase. $600.00 or more! What I use now is Paintshop PRO X7.

      1. I think I could make your infrared rock in B/W. If you wanted me to try, let me know at and include the image as seen on your blog.

        You and I were in the Navy at the same time. I served from 68-72.

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