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Normally, I have been doing most of my Posting on the Historical sites that are around this area, because it’s what I enjoy doing.  However, there will be times that I post something about me and my Life.  This will be one of them.

Humm  .  .  .  where to start.  The above Images are those of the woman that gave me Life.  My Mother was born on May 24th, 1919 in Roda County, Virginia.  She graduated from Hamburg High School and then entered the US Army early in 1942.  Called the Woman’s Army Corp back then, she was sent over-seas to London during WWII.  Stationed at the Allied Headquarters she did most of the plotting on a large board so the Allied Command could see where our troops were and what was going on.  She was also there during the German raids on London when all those V-2 rockets and Buzz Bombs came over the city.  She told me that the bombs were all right, but it was when you could not hear them, was a big problem.  There were many times that she had to spent in a London Bomb Shelter.  She has quite a few stories to tell.

Since my Father was never in the picture, she had to do all of the raising of me, between working a full time job after her time in the Army.  Mom was very stern and taught me the right from wrong, just like she was taught by my Grandparents.  She taught me many manners, that I still use to this day.  I got my rear-end busted a few times for doing things that boy’s do, but it was for good reason.

Mom was always there for me.  From getting me dressed in the best cloths for church, to making sure that I attended school and Sunday School.  There were probably many times that she was tired, but still had time for me.

As time went by, her health started to fail more and more.  I would be there to take her shopping, to seeing the Doctor, to just going up to see how she’s doing.  The above Image shows her before her health started to fail bad.  She was a very, very active member of the OES (Order of the Eastern Star) and would attend meetings most every month until she no longer could walk very well.

Mom got sick with Cancer of the Spine and Brain.  Not once did I ever know what the problem was.  She never told me, nor did the Doctors.  I think that she gave them orders, not to tell me about how bad she was.  I knew something was wrong, but didn’t know just what.

Entering the Hospital here in Reading, on December 22nd, 2004 her health failed for the last time.  She left this world and went into the Lords Hands at 1:22p.m. at the age of 85 yrs.  Now, almost 10 yrs. later she is missed but never, ever forgotten.  I have thanked her many times for what she has done for me.  I will meet her again when I leave this world for another.

Thanks for reading or following.