Once a year, out in a small town named Lyons, a really great Fiddle Festival is put on for everyone to come and appreciate.  Blue Grass music lovers from all over the County come here to play their instruments and have a great time dancin’.  For a small fee of $5.00 you can come here with your lounge chair, sit, and enjoy what’s playing around you.  There is a whole lot to eat.  All made by the local residents.

It’s not what is up on the stage that always get’s attention.  So many different music lovers of the Banjo, Guitar, Violin, Bass Fiddle, Fiddle and the Dulcimer gather together in small groups and start playing what-ever they like.  There must have been 10 other groups playing in and around the park area.

I try and attend this Festival every year.  I’ve always enjoyed hearing the Banjo play with other instruments.  The above Image shows just one of the groups that play all day long.  The young boy could really play that Banjo so well. I think that he was a whole 11 yrs. old!  They were playing “Roll in my Sweet Baby’s Arms.”

Thank you.


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