I have just recently purchased a program called Photomatrix 3.  I had tried it for about a week and finally decided to buy it.  It’s a good program for the price and will enhance your Images into HDR.  The above is just one of them

The Eastern State Penitentiary was built in Philadelphia, PA around 1830’s to confine felon’s to serve their time in Prison.  It was build in a “spoke fashion” where all the “wheels” of the spoke radiated out from a central area.  Inmates that were confined here back then had no air-conditioning, very little heat, and the cells were very small.  Water was turned on once a day to bathe and flush toilets.  Let out for 1 hr. a day for exercise. The famous gangster, Al Capone, was held here for 7 yrs.

Most all of the cells on the right and left look much the same.  There was not much difference from one to the other.  This old Prison is open for Tourists most all year long and is considered to be very haunted by some of the hundreds of Inmates who died here.

When I was here, it was quite warm to walk around in.  The temp. was in the high 90’s outside so you can imagine how hot it was inside. I was quite wet after touring the Prison!  There have been many reports of people seeing and hearing things that can’t be explained.  I really didn’t see anything or hear anything that was not unusual, except for one thing. While photographing one of the area’s of the Prison, my camera would not work for some unknown reason.  It took me 4 times to take the same shot!  I double checked my settings to see if I had something wrong. Everything was set right.  Walked outside and it worked just fine!  Why?  It was an area that was known to be Haunted.  I really don’t know for sure if a Spirit prevented this or not.  You decide.

Thanks for reading.



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