Here I am!  More than 50 yrs. ago.  I’m scared half to death and have no idea what is going to happen to me or where I’m going.  I am 18 yrs. young here and don’t know what the world is about yet.  Right out of High School I wanted to join the US Navy and see the world, like I was told about many times.  Transferred here to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii from Philadelphia Naval Base in Nov. 1965 to report aboard the Navy Destroyer USS Carpenter DD-825.  I got my orders and had just 4 hrs. to call home to say good-by, pack my sea bag, and catch my flight to Honolulu, Hawaii.  Scared the heck of of me for awhile.  For the first time in my Life I’m out in the big wide world on my own.


Here is a shot of my Destroyer along side the Carrier USS Ranger in the South China Sea getting ready to take on fuel, ammunition, and stores.  The sea was a bit heavy then, and it made me sea sick for 3 day’s.  I could not even keep a cracker in my stomach the first time I went to sea.  I think I lived on the Fantail most of the time, but I got over it.


Here I’m arriving in Sydney, Australia in Dress Ship for the people of this wonderful city.  We had 4 day’s of R&R (Rest & Recreation) is what we called it.  In my time of visit, I have never had such a great time in this City.  The people of Sydney were so kind, polite, and giving.  I will never forget what a great time I had here.  Girls were calling the ship to ask us “Yankee” Sailors” out on the town!  Found that girls are called “A bit of Fluff” down here or “Birds”.  Something I never knew.  I thought that “A Bit of Fluff” was fitting for them.


Taking on Fuel in Heavy Sea’s


During my time aboard the Destroyer and while over in Vietnam, this duel 5″38″ Gun Mount is where I was assigned for Battle Stations while off the coast of Vietnam  I operated the Left Gun and helped fire more than 1,007 rounds at Vietcong emplacements, troops, villages, and shore battery’s. I don’t feel that it’s necessary to say what I saw and did in detail, because there is so much.  This is the reason that I don’t hear out of my Left ear very well to this day.  Both ears are bad, but the VA has provided me with Hearing Aids to compensate for my loss.

I had to grow up real fast while in the Navy.  No more shy, county boy.  I learned allot of what the world was like.  Ports of Call in Guam, Philippines, Japan, Okinawa, Midway, Australia, New Zealand, and Pago Pago.  I will remember all of my Life what I saw in these Countries.  Most of it was good.  Some real bad.

Happy Holidays and Thank you to my followers.



Standing on the old RT 61 that is now an abandoned 4 lane highway that was once a major road to Centraila.
Standing on the old RT 61 that is now an abandoned 4 lane highway that was once a major road to Centraila.

I have received a Blogger Award from Jules that states one of the things I have to do for this award is tell 7 things about myself and Post the Award.  Well, I can Post 7 things about me, but the Award thing on putting it here I have to figure out.  Many THANKS to her for the nomination.  Anyhoo, here goes  .  .  .

I stand 6’5″ tall and am 67 yrs. young.

I have a fear of heights.

I just love all kinds of seafood.  Favorite is Shrimp.

I don’t care for rude, ill mannered, obnoxious, forceful or loud people.

I am hard of hearing in both ear’s from a gun battery in Vietnam.

I love to have a good drink, weather it be beer or mixed drinks.  Favorite is Jim Beam & Coke.

I don’t like to be around crowds of people for very long.

Well, I guess that I did this sorta right.  If not, let me know.

Happy Holidays!