Here in the State of Penna. we have lot’s of Historical places and remints from the past.  Just one of these are the Covered Bridges that still remain from long ago.

The Covered Bridges that dot the country side of PA are getting few and far between as more time goes by.  Most of them were built in the 1800’s, but are now falling into disrepair because some of the Townships don’t have the money to keep them in repair.  Some of them have been lost due to falling apart, truck & car traffic, or catching fire.  However, there are a number of them still left.

The Bridge above is called The Red Covered Bridge and was built in 1851.  Originally at a different location, it was dismantled piece by piece and rebuilt here spanning the Schuylkill River at the Berks County Heritage Center.  Long before the automobile horse and carriage were the main type of transportation.  These Bridges were built to cross Rivers and to keep out the bad weather for horse & buggy.  It’s one of the longest bridges that was built.  It was designed as a Truss Bridge, from the supports that hold it in place.

The Bridges are also known as “Kissing Bridges”.  Back in the old day’s couples could cross the Bridge, stop, and steal a “kiss” from their partner.  Thus the name.


Here is a shot from last year when it snowed more than 10 in. of the same Bridge.  Since the Bridge is located in a Historical Park there are no vehicles allowed on it.  Just walkers and bicycle traffic.  This is another one of my favorite area’s for photography.  One of the residents in the Bridge are a few Bats.  They don’t bother anyone, but are there.  You have to look close to see them hanging in the supports.

Happy Holidays all!


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