Today was such a beautiful day, I decided to take my Nikon and go for a walk at one of the favorite area’s that I like to go to.  There is always something different when you take the time to see in a different perspective.

The Bridge above is no longer used anymore for travel.  It’s been deemed unsafe for use.  This area is used very hard for fishing at all times of the year.  No one here at the time, so I wanted to shoot looking at a subject in a different manner.  It’s always a learning process.


For this one I just took a few steps to the right and shot this looking down the old Bridge span.  Tone mapping added by Photomix.


Here I tried to capture the sunlight coming thru the trees, but messed it up.  Guess that I didn’t point the camera at the right angle.  There is one thing about this area that I have noticed over time.  I hardly ever see any deer, even though they are here.  I just never see them.  I do walk around quiet and try not to be noisy.  I’ve learned that from my years of hunting, that I don’t do anymore.  The Yellow sign on the left states that this is a Propagation area.  No entry is allowed.  If you are caught walking beyond the signs, a nice healthy fine will be given to you by the Game Warden.  I make a habit not to enter!

Hope you all are having a great Holiday Season.