Last year, in January, when we had so much snow, wind, and cold, I thought that I’d brave the cold windy weather and check out a favorite spot to see what it looks like in the grip of Old Man Winter.  By the time I walked to this spot, I was about frozen.  The temp. was about 17 degrees with a light wind blowing.  The water here is not deep.  Maybe a foot or so.  Usually there are some ducks around, but not this time.  Too cold I would imagine.  I set up my camera, shot this Image, and walked quickly back to a warm car.  When it’s cold, the biggest problem I have is keeping my fingers and feet warm.  For some reason, I can’t wear any glove that will keep my hands warm. I have not found any type of glove that works, yet!  My feet are not too bad, as long as I have thick socks and boots to wear, which I do have.

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I was checking out some of the Images that I had taken this Summer and came across this one that is of the same Bridge, but from a different location.  I think that it’s one of my better Images.

As you can see, if you look close, this area is fished very heavy.  Since I don’t fish anymore, I just sort of walk around and find something different to shoot.  I have found that the area does get a bit of trash laying around from fishermen who come here.  You can always find something laying around that should not be there.  Trash is one of the biggest problems, even though there are trash bins located around the area.  Why people can’t get up and throw what is not wanted into what is provided, is way beyond me.  I hate seeing stuff laying around a Natural area for wildlife.  Empty worm containers, soda cans, beer cans, cigarette butts, and nylon fishing line are common.  Just pick up your crap and put it where it should be!  Keep the area clean and leave nothing behind but your footsteps.