Last year, in January, when we had so much snow, wind, and cold, I thought that I’d brave the cold windy weather and check out a favorite spot to see what it looks like in the grip of Old Man Winter.  By the time I walked to this spot, I was about frozen.  The temp. was about 17 degrees with a light wind blowing.  The water here is not deep.  Maybe a foot or so.  Usually there are some ducks around, but not this time.  Too cold I would imagine.  I set up my camera, shot this Image, and walked quickly back to a warm car.  When it’s cold, the biggest problem I have is keeping my fingers and feet warm.  For some reason, I can’t wear any glove that will keep my hands warm. I have not found any type of glove that works, yet!  My feet are not too bad, as long as I have thick socks and boots to wear, which I do have.

Best to you and thanks


6 thoughts on “IT WAS COLD HERE

    1. I have tried most everything, but thanks for the suggestion. I’ll just bet it does get darn cold over there in Iceland. Allot colder than it get’s here.

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