Greetings to all my followers on this New Year!

Since I enjoy Posting about things in History, let’s take a trip back into the early part of the 1900’s when the Country was in the Probation Years.  In these years, whiskey and beer was totally banned from being consumed.  No more bars and no more drinking was allowed until later years, when it was repealed and booze was once again allowed.

During those years, there were a number of Gangsters that profited big by smuggling whiskey and beer into the Country to make a big profit.  One of these famous gangsters was the notorious Al Capone.  Al Capone and his gang controlled most of the North Side of Chicago while the Purple Gang watched over the South Side.  There was always friction between these two to get the controlling interest in illegal booze.  Killing and shooting each other was a common thing in Chicago back in the 1930’s.


Al Capone, being one of the big boys of Chicago, had a special car made just for him to protect him from all his enemies.  This is a 1:24 scale model of his famous car that is in my car collection, and cost me $130 to buy.  Like my other cars, it is kept in a Plexiglas cabinet to protect from dust and dirt. One of the very first armored cars that was ever built, it had a V-16 452 CID engine that could drive the car to speeds over 120 mph.  It had many other extra’s that were added as precautions to keep good ole’ Al alive.

It was the first car to ever have bullet proof glass all around the car.  3″ Portholes on the side windows for shooting the Thompson Sub-machine gun, also known as the “Chicago Typewriter” from it’s distinctive sound.  1/4″ Armor Plating around the drivers side.  It was also the first of it’s kind to have a tube leading from the rear floor down into the street where 1″ steel roofing nails or oil could be dumped to scare away the Law.  There was also oil that could be sprayed into the engine to create a smoke screen.

Al Capone was also known for murdering members of the Purple Gang in what was known as the “St. Valentines Day Massacre.  Al Capone denied having anything to do with that shooting in Chicago and was never proven in Court to have done it, even though everyone knew that he did.

After Al was convicted of Income Tax fraud and sentenced to Prison, his fancy car fell into disrepair and was almost forgotten until it was found and put back into it’s original condition.  The original car was sold for over $350,000 and is now in the hands of a private collector, thus preserving a fascinating car from a by-gone era.

Thank you for reading.


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