Doing some practice on getting the “silky” effect with water flow.  Not too bad.

Grings Mill.1

This is the Grings Mill & Recreation Area that I frequent quite often with my camera.  I shot this in B&W and added a bit of HDR.  Looks like it snowed.  The Pond in the foreground used to be a holding area for Canal barges back in the early 1800’s.


One of the buildings that belong to the Pennhurst State School & Hospital, that is now long abandoned and just left to crumble away into History.  This area has a reputation of being very haunted by the patients that were once housed here.  Pennhurst was once a Mental Hospital with 12 other buildings on the grounds and were all connected by under-ground tunnels.  It was also featured on a documentary by Ghost Adventures in which they filmed and recorded a bunch of un-explained noises and sightings.  I did not go into this area, because of Private Property signs posted everywhere. Venture in here, and you don’t know what’s going to happen!

Thank you for reading.


4 thoughts on “B&W IMAGES

  1. Your blog is becoming one of my favorites, Les! I love history and great photography, and you combine both for a part of the US that is rich in history and, I’m finding out, lovely and interesting places to photograph. You do the area proud!

  2. Great to see and read another post Les.
    I love this kind of history and information.
    Old abandoned buildings are plentiful throughout the world and its always a shame to see them in such a poor state of repair, but gives us great photographic opportunity.

  3. I have been to Pennhurst (inside and out) but aside from some great imaging – there was nothing much else there – although I know I would get an argument from those who want to experience something – nice shot of one of the buildings however.

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