Goldwing & Trailer_1

Riding a Goldwing Aspencade Touring Motorcycle was something that I enjoyed doing for many years.

Back around the year 1980, I started to take a liking to riding a motorcycle, but just didn’t have one at the time.  I then bought a Honda 400cc and gradually learned to drive it going further and further with it.  Of course, you had to have a helmet, riding apparel, and learn the in’s & out’s of how to drive.  What to do and what not to do.  Over a period of about 2 yrs. I got darn good at it, and never had a accident.

Then I got tired of riding a 400cc engine and decided I wanted something bigger with more power, so I could go further and ride a bit more comfortable. I traded in my 400 for a Kawasaki 750cc, that I rode for a few more years.  This bike took me down into Virginia, and all over the State of PA.  I bought  bunch of extra’s for it and it lasted pretty long.  Again, I wanted to step up to something bigger, so I traded up to a 1983 Goldwing Interstate, 1100cc engine that had a whole lot more power. It had a radio, a Touring Trunk, and Side Saddle Bags where I could store much more gear.  I added more lights and Chrome to make the bike more pleasing to me.  This Touring Bike took me up into Glen Falls, NY and down into West Virginia, and Virginia.  Touring the USA on a bike is a whole different experience.  Feeling the freedom of the ride, and the wind in your face offers a “biker” a whole new perspective on what is around you.

Then, I up graded again.  This time to the one you see above. It had a Intercom System, AM-FM Radio, Stereo Cassett, CB Radio, and Progressive Suspension. This Bike was a whole lot heavier than the ones I had before.  It weighed over 800 lbs. and if it fell on you, it would crush a bone!  Again, I “dressed it out” with more Chrome and Lights and then added a Kompac Kamp 18 cubic foot Trailer that just pulled right along behind me.  It had to have some getting used to.  You always had to remember that you had a “tail” behind you and not to forget it was there, which I did once!  The Trailer came in very handy when traveling a long distance.  You could load most everything in the Trailer, and keep your saddle bags and Touring Trunk for light things, such as a Rain Suit which you may need at times when it pours rain while on the road.

With this Bike, my Wife and I went up into Burlington, VT and down South as far as Georgia. This Goldwing was so comfortable to ride, that my Wife would fall asleep in the back.  Along the way we always met other riders and sometimes rode with complete strangers that were riding our way.  We also enjoyed so many very nice people from all over the USA.

Then, over the time of more than 20 yrs, I started to get tired of the nit-wits on “4 wheels” and them not paying attention to us on 2 wheels.  We almost got hit twice, and after that it did me in.  I sold the bike and trailer to another person that liked it so much that he paid me in cash the day he saw it!  I never saw it again or see the man who bought it.

There is so much to describe about “Riding The Wind” as it is sometimes called that it’s just to much to put here.  You must experience it for yourself and find out.  I have ridden this Bike and Trailer in pouring rain, freezing cold, hot as hell weather, and a bit of light snow.  I was not a “fair weather rider.”  If the sun was out and the temp. was above 30 degrees, we would go for a ride.  There were times that we went more than 60 miles just for a cup of coffee.  Just for the fun of it all!  Now, I don’t do it anymore.  I miss it, at times.  Especially when the weather is so nice and then go for a ride into the sun.  Just for the fun of it.


  1. We enjoy riding. We are looking forward to warmer weather, when we will hook up with riding friends and go for a weekly ride for ice cream. We have a couple long rides planned this year, too, to attend motorcycle rallies.

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