The once mighty St. Nickolas Coal Breaker.

Located just outside the Coal Mining Town of Shenandoah, PA stands this empty and abandoned Breaker that used to process the raw coal from the Anthracite Mines around the area.  At one time back in the early 1900’s it employed more than 400 Miners.  Processing hundreds of tons of Coal to ship by rail and truck to heat homes and industry in our Nation.  There were other Breakers around, but this one was the biggest in the area.  Not many of these old Breakers exist anymore.  Most have been torn down to make room for progress.  This one will probably meet the same fate.

I walked around this kinda spooky place.  Lot’s of junk laying around and holes in the ground where something once stood.  There was nothing here, except me and my camera.  The wind blowing thru the empty structure made a strange noise that always kept me looking around.  I had taken other Images, but they didn’t survive the change over from my Tower to a Laptop.

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