Sitting on a shelf in the closet all wrapped in plastic for many years was this Milk or Gravy Server that I have had left over from some of my Mothers stuff after she had passed away 10 yrs. ago.  It was tarnished very bad and did not look anything like it does above.  This Server is probably more than 80 yrs. old.  Mom had it and it was passed to her by my Grandparents.

I really had no idea if this was pure Silver or just a Silver Plated Server, so I took it and spent about 2 day’s cleaning and polishing it to it’s original condition. To get rid of the Tarnish I used what is named “The Bartenders Friend.”  This stuff worked real well.  With some elbow grease the tarnish came right off, but left a “film” on the Silver.  Then I used some Brasso, that I’m very familiar with.  I used Brasso while in the US Navy to shine most everything that was brass.

I then coated the server with it and let it dry to a white film and buffed it off!  The Brasso did the trick.  Made it shine so bright that I almost could not believe how good a job it did.  I had to do this 2 more times and the brilliance of the Silver came out.


Now, with it being all shinny, I wanted to know if this was pure Silver or not.  I asked some questions on my Facebook page and a friend told me to take it up to Mullers in Hamburg and they could tell me.  I packed it up and off I went, hoping that this piece would be worth some money.

I showed it to one of the Certified Jewelers and he told me that it’s not worth anything.  This was just a Plated Silver Server and not really worth much at all.  Found out from him, that real Sterling Silver is marked as such, so the richer people that can afford things like this know what they are getting.  The Plated Silver is for poorer folks.  Oh Well.  I’ll keep it and put it on display in our Dinning Room Hutch just for a conversation piece.

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