As most of you know already, I enjoy going to different Historical places that are here around my area and are not to far away to travel.  This past Summer there was a Living History Exhibit at the Daniel Boone Historical Center where, many years ago, our famous Woodsman Daniel Boone once lived with his Mother and Father before starting out on his own.

Once a year the Daniel Boone History Center puts on a Living History Exhibit complete with British and Colonial Soldiers dressed in authentic wear that was common back in the 1700’s.  Exhibits that are here show how the Colonists lived back then with tools, tents, flatware, dresses for Ladies, and tables filled with books and jewelry that was made as authentic as possible to the real things.  It’s nice to walk around and see what was once worn and used back in those day’s.  There is also Ladies walking around wearing those long hoop skirts and demonstrations using a real spinning reel and how it worked.

Another interesting thing they have is a live fire complete with British and Colonial Soldiers getting into a skirmish between the two Army’s that actually did happen on the grounds during the Revolutionary War.  Everything is authentic, down to the buttons on the uniforms.  The muskets are fired at one another with black powder, but no ball is loaded.  Just a blank shooting.  The air is filled with yelling and smoke from the musket fire.  A few dead bodies are strewn around the field from both sides to show loss of Life and to make the skirmish as real as possible.  I had taken a number of other Images, but the others did not survive the transfer from one computer to another.

It was very hot that day in July.  How the actors dressed in the uniform of that day could stand the heat, was beyond me. Carrying all their equipment and muskets was tough work, but they enjoy doing it every year.  I enjoyed it too.

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