I was able to recover some of my Images of the visit to the Daniel Boone Homestead where they put on a re-enactment of what happened here during the Revolutionary War.


During the encampment here, there were re-enactors dressed in some of the authentic dress of the time.


This Lady was walking passed the black-smith shop and I asked her if I could take her picture.


Using one of the actual spinning reels of the day, this Lady has a look of “Now, how does this thing work.”


I’m not really sure just what this was, but it was pretty and for sale.  Cost $300.00.  My reflection does not come with it.


During the skirmish with the British, there were a few of our Colonial Soldiers that gave their Lives in defense of our Country.


This is looking inside the Daniel Boone Home.


A common practice back in those day’s was to read a few verses from the Bible before eating.

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2 thoughts on “DANIEL BOONE

  1. I found you from Cindy Baker’s blog and enjoyed the pictures of the enactment. I love Dan Boone history, even though it’s never portrayed the way he actually wrote it in his diaries. Seems more romantic in the movie and TV versions. Going to check out your “History” version now.

    1. Thanks for finding me. I am following now. I’ve been down South as far as Tennessee and just love the Southern friendly people and the great cookin’ Good ole’ Hush Puppies, Black Eye’d Pea’s, Catfish, Corn Bread and lot’s more. My Mother was born in Greenville, Tenn. in 1919.

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