Thought that you may like to see the old High School that I attended back in the early 60’s.  Known as Fleetwood Jr. Sr. High School I started here in 1963 while in the 10th Grade.  I had originally been going to Oley High School from 1960 to 1963, but my Mother decided to move from my old home to a Trailer in the Fleetwood School District, after my Step-Father passed away.


This is looking down Race Street.  The building in the very foreground used to be the Cafeteria.  The windows have changed somewhat, but everything else is the same as it was back 50 yrs. ago.  The school bus’s used to line up along the curb where the cars are now parked.  Us Teenagers used to stand along the curb-side here, while waiting for our bus to arrive and take us home.  We had good home cooked food in the Cafeteria.  To eat, it cost .35 cents!  Sometimes my Mother did not have the money to give me, so she would pack me a lunch.  We ate a whole lot better than what is offered today.


This is looking down the 1st floor hallway towards the Cafeteria.  It looks so much better than when I was here many years ago.  There are no more lockers that once lined the hallway where you see a blank space on the wall.  The color has changed and there is better lighting than we had.  The floor is now carpeted, in place of the linoleum that was before.  Emergency lighting has been installed.  It is now air-conditioned.  Something that we never had back then.  The only air-conditioning we had was a open window.  The girls were only allowed to wear dress’s and skirts.  Us boy’s had to wear dress slacks and a nice shirt.  None of the crap they have today!



This is my old gym that I played basketball in.  It has hardly changed.  A new floor has been installed, but everything else is what is was.  There was only 6 baskets in the Gym.  The new HS has 10!

As I look at these Images and remember, memories abound here.  This is where I took Gym Class along with the girls on one side and us boy’s on the other.  Saturday night dances were held here, dancing to the sounds of the 60’s Rock & Roll, something that High Schools don’t have anymore.  The bleaches on the side walls pull out for basketball games.  My old HS is now an Administration Building, and there has been a brand new High School built just down the street.  The New One has a swimming pool, carpeted floors, air-conditioning, white boards, and a much bigger Gym than what I had.

In 1965 I left this school and joined the US Navy to see the world.  I sure did that!  More than 50 yrs. later, I still remember.

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