My childhood home still stands to this day up in Hamburg, PA.

As I stood in front of the ole’ house, so many memories flooded my minds eye.  I was just a boy when living here.  It seem’d so big back then.  Now, it seems so small.  Playing here in the front yard and playing Tag with other kids in the area bring smiles to me.  The home did not have so many trees in front as it does now.  I can stand there and remember exactly where each room of the house is.  The front door opens into a small hallway with the Dining Room off to the right, and the Living Room off to the left.  Stairs lead up to my Mothers room on the left, to another bedroom on the right.  The kitchen was in the back of the house.

An older couple by the name of Mertz still live here.  It’s nice to return to your roots.  Remember where you came from.

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When I was still in High School back in the early 60’s, this small pond located on the nearby farmers land was a really great place to swim and have some fun on hot summer day’s and evenings.  The Owner, Mr. Miller as we called him, gave us boy’s permission to swim in the pond, but always to be careful.  He never did mind as long as we did not destroy anything or make a mess.  We never did. The Pond was not that deep.  About 10 ft. at the deepest end.  An occasional snake or turtle might be found, but hardly ever did we see any.

We even used it for ice skating during the Winter months.  If it would snow, which it did, some of us would get snow shovels and clear the snow off the ice and have a good time doing it.  Even the few local girls came and helped out, but not many times.

Now, the many years have passed by.  Mr. Miller is long gone and the Pond stands empty.  Overgrown and covered with leaves, no one swims or ice skates here anymore.  This ole’ Pond has many memories for me.  A Ghost from my past.

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Lancaster County farm area.


Harvesting Corn the old fashion way.

It is not uncommon to see farm equipment in Lancaster area that is not done in a fashion from long ago.  It is normal to see 4 Mules pulling harvesting equipment.  Hay Bailing is done much the same way.


A nice looking Amish Farm


Rows upon Rows of Corn


An Amish Buggy

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