As I had stated before, most of my Blog is about History around my area or fairly close by that I have visited over time, but here and there I do post about what I think.

I have been watching and checking out the many, many Blog’s that are out there to read about.  A number of them are very good, and I tend to follow those.  There are others that don’t really interest me, but I read them anyway.  There are blogs here that are from people all over the world.  However, there is some that I just don’t see.

What I’m looking for is Blog’s that are all about someone’s Life in Russia.  I’ve never seen any.  Why?  Is it that they can’t do a Blog from Russia?  For some reason, I can’t believe that. I’m sure that the technology exists for them over there.

There is a reason for this.  I’ve always wanted to know what Life is like over there.  We here in the good ole’ USA nearly went into World War III years ago when the Cuban Missile Crisis was going on in 1962.  I was only a teenager when all that was happening, but I remember it.  I really did not know what it was all about, until later on in my Life, but I remember my Mother telling me that we are about to start WWIII!  If WWIII would have started, the whole world would have lost.  Everything would have been gone!  There would have been no winner.  Thank goodness it never happened.  I think that it was not the Russian people that wanted War, it was just the darn gov’t’s that did.  Each one thinking that they would win.  Wrong!  A Atomic War between the 2 Super Powers would have solved nothing!

So, if any of you know, someone who is from Russia, let me know.  I sure would like to read about their Life over there.

Thank you for reading/commenting





About 2 yrs. ago I made a trip down to see the Battleship USS New Jersey BB-62 that is located on the Camden Waterfront in Camden NJ.


She’s a big one!  Her 9 16” Guns can throw a 1500 lb. HE projectile more than 20 miles to the target.  I was with this ole’ “Battlewagon” over in Vietnam and saw for myself what awesome power she has.


Now, she is a Museum for all to visit and see what a awesome ship this is.  Taken out of Service by the Navy because these Iowa Class Battleships are just too slow for today’s US Navy and very expensive to operate.  She has more than 10 Battle Stars for action that she took part in.


This is #3 Gun Turret on the Aft End of the ship.


Looking down from the 03 Level towards the Bow.


One of the Captains Chairs looking off the Port Side.


A picture of my Brother, Jamie, and me.  As well as me, he served in the US Navy too aboard the Carrier USS America for 9 yrs.  He lives just down the street from me.

I truly am sorry to see that these awesome Battleships have been taken out of Service.  The 4 Iowa Class Battleships are all now Museums.  The USS New Jersey, USS Missouri, USS Wisconsin, and the USS Iowa are all gone, but now open for all to see what used to be.