About 2 yrs. ago I made a trip down to see the Battleship USS New Jersey BB-62 that is located on the Camden Waterfront in Camden NJ.


She’s a big one!  Her 9 16” Guns can throw a 1500 lb. HE projectile more than 20 miles to the target.  I was with this ole’ “Battlewagon” over in Vietnam and saw for myself what awesome power she has.


Now, she is a Museum for all to visit and see what a awesome ship this is.  Taken out of Service by the Navy because these Iowa Class Battleships are just too slow for today’s US Navy and very expensive to operate.  She has more than 10 Battle Stars for action that she took part in.


This is #3 Gun Turret on the Aft End of the ship.


Looking down from the 03 Level towards the Bow.


One of the Captains Chairs looking off the Port Side.


A picture of my Brother, Jamie, and me.  As well as me, he served in the US Navy too aboard the Carrier USS America for 9 yrs.  He lives just down the street from me.

I truly am sorry to see that these awesome Battleships have been taken out of Service.  The 4 Iowa Class Battleships are all now Museums.  The USS New Jersey, USS Missouri, USS Wisconsin, and the USS Iowa are all gone, but now open for all to see what used to be.

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