This is the very old Schuykill Canal Lock House that was once used as a Inn for travelers going up and down the Schuykill Canal.  The Canal is now long gone, but the Inn remains.  Their was a addition added later on in years, but I don’t know just when.  The old Canal used to run just behind the Inn, but is now filled in and a corn field exists where it used to be.

The Inn is open for Tours and is still used for meetings.  Just who keeps this Historic place in repair, I’m not sure.  During the Holiday Season of Christmas it is decorated with candle light in all windows.  It looks pretty then.  What I should do is take a shot of what it looks like.


This is inside the Schuykill Lock House in the Kitchen were meals were cooked for the guests that stayed here over night.  It’s very simple and plain.  Nothing fancy here.


This is all that remains of the Lock that was right next to the Lock House.  The steps lead up to the top most level.  I’ve forgotten what is written on the Plaque installed on the wall.  There used to be a Car Wash right next to this on the right, but it was torn down.

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2 thoughts on “LOCK HOUSE

    1. There are still a number of places to go here that still have what is left of the old Canal. I did have much more in Images, but they were lost due to a computer failure. I do intend on going back and re-photograph what I see, then make a post on it. As you might have read in the Link it is exactly what is stated. The Grings Mill & Recreation Center is just a part of the old Canal. The trails that are walked used to be the Towpath for Mules & Horses that pulled the Canal Boats up and down the Canal. One part of it is actually haunted by a Lady that drowned herself and her 2 children back in the middle 1800’s. Thanks for your comment ~ Les

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