Here is another time that I just get in the car and drive around to see what is around and what might be interesting.

I have driven past this old Home many times and always wanted to shoot it and the property around it.  I stopped by and asked the Owner about his home and if he would mind if I took a few Images of it.  He said that was fine with him.  It was built back in 1856 and has had 3 different owners since then.  His property has 1 other interesting building that I’ll show you below.  The twin pillars in the foreground used to support a metal fence and was where horse & wagon were tied up for visit’s back in the early day’s.  It’s a nice looking old stone home.  I changed the Image to Monochrome because I thought that it gave the home a better look.


Here is the other building that it on the same property.  It’s has the same color as the main House.  This rather small home was built around the same time as the main house, but was used for a different purpose.  It was once a Butcher Shop years ago, then a residence, then a Hair Dresser opened a business here, and now I really don’t know who lives here now.  Did not ask.  The stone in the left of the Image was also used to tie up horses & carriage’s back in the day of Horse & Buggy.  The Stone that is around the house is from a Stone Quarry just up the road from here.  All that stone had to be hauled in a wagon from the quarry to here.  A whole lot of work!

Thanks for reading/commenting.


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