Here is a recent picture of me holding my “Granddaughter”.  However, there is one problem here.  She is NOT my real Granddaughter.

The Image above is me holding Ciecela “CC” as we call her.  She is such a sweet little Lady and is the Daughter of a good friend of ours.  Christine S. is her Mother and has always treated me as CC’s Grandfather, because she knows that having a real Grand Child I will never see.  Every time I see CC she come’s running to me just like a real Grandchild.  I truly do appreciate this, but there is still something missing.  It’s not part of me and never will be.  I wish it was.

I don’t get to see CC all that much, but when I do she is always enjoyable to be around.  I think that she is about 5 yrs. old, but not sure.  She is a typical little girl that loves to play with her toys and dolls.  She get’s so much.  Santa is always so good to her.

The reason I will never see a “real Granddaughter” is that my real Daughter and I don’t get along very well.  Michelle is 41 now, and I don’t ever get to see her.  She has never married.  I wish so bad that I could see Michelle.  I wish so bad that it hurts me all the time.  It’s a long long story why I never see Michelle and way to much to Post here.  I will say that I have made some stupid mistakes in my Life and wish that I could go back in time to change them.  That will never happen and I know it.

Christmas time is really a bad time for me.  I miss my Daughter more around that time of the year than any other.  There is a reason why, but again to long to Post here.  For many years I have sat alone when no one is around and cried.  I still do it, but not as much as before.  I will never get used to it.  She is part of me and always will be.

They tell me “what goes around will come around”.  Well, I don’t know about that.  I’m also told that Miracles do happen.  Don’t know about that either.  I’ve been waiting for one all these years.  Maybe, just maybe I will see the Daughter that I helped bring into this world before I die.

Be Well, my Followers





Again, located not far from my Home is the Historic Beidler House


Built in 1783 by a man named Conrad Beidler who once the owner of this home, a Gristmill, and a Sawmill.  People that lived in Berks County around this time usually lived in Log Homes.  Having a Home made of stone always meant wealth.  This house remains much the same as it did so long ago.  The inside still remains the same with the bedroom, kitchen, parlor floors that have the original wood.  Going inside this old home you take a trip back in time when Life was so much more simple.  During Thanksgiving & Christmas the house is decorated with lit candles and decoration’s from that time.


This is all that remains of the once productive Grist Mill.


Stepping back with the Pentax, I shot this view from further away.


Located just a few steps away from the Beidler House is the Historic Allegheny Aqueduct that once carried the Canal Boats over the creek below.  It’s registered on the National Register of Historic Places of Berks County.


Looking down the once busy Schuykill Canal and over the Allegheny Aqueduct.  The depression is where the Canal used to be, but now covered with grass and weeds.  The 2 white arrows were placed there by me to show where the Allegheny Aqueduct is.  View these Images and imagine what it was like back then when the Canal was filled with water and the Boats traveling up and down more than 200 yrs. ago.

This place is open for all to explore.  No fee is required.  When I shot these Images, it was quite hot.  The temp. was in the high 90’s.  By the time I was done shooting, I was glad to return to my air-conditioned car.