Oley Valley Jr. Sr. High School

This is a photo of the very first High School that I attended from 1960 – 1963.  I was here from 7th – 10th Grade.

As far as the building, nothing has really changed that much.  Of course, there was no air-conditioning in the windows back then.  There was also no paved parking lot with numbered spaces for us.  All we had was a lot that was dirt that would get muddy and sloppy when wet.

Off to the right and out of the photo stands the NEW High School that was being built in 1962.  The only part of the new building that was there was a few classrooms a auditorium, and the Gym.  Us kids had to walk from one building to another.

Off to the Left was another set of 3 Classrooms that we also had to walk back and forth to and from in the wind, cold, snow, sleet and rain.  It didn’t matter what it was doing.  We had to be there.  I found out that this building is supposed to be Haunted by the Janitor that used to work here years ago.  An apparition of what looks like him was seen.  I don’t know if this is true or not.  Maybe.

I remember this ole’ school and the Hallowed Halls that are inside.  After I shot this photo, I wanted to go walk the inside of my ole’ place, but could not get in.  Doors were locked.  Oh Well.  Maybe another time.