Who’s been sleeping in my bed?

Back in the early day’s of our Country, beds where not as comfortable as we have today.  Most of them were made with straw, chicken feathers, or some other stuffing.  No springs or mattress.  I’d get in this thing and have allot of trouble getting out!


Some time off to read a good book in the shade.


Not sure what was going on here.  A meeting of some kind.


Making bread loafs the old fashion way.  Loaves were inserted into a fired oven and baked for a time, which I don’t know.  Here the cook is rolling the dough.  After the bread loaves were done, you could take a piece and see how much difference there is from then to today.  I thought the older, hand baked bread was much better.

Thanks for reading/commenting/following.  I appreciate it.  These photo’s were taken with my Pentax K100D DSLR camera using a 28-80mm Tamron Lens.