Well, here we are.  This is Home.  This is Home as it looks today with the snow.  This is where I read all the Blogs that you out there Post.

We did get some other snow from previous day’s, so the 3 inches we got last night just added to it.  More snow that I had to clear from the drive-way.  It’s quite cold here.  When I shot these photo’s the temp. was about 15 degrees!

I have put allot of work into this Home over the passing years.  It’s not easy to own a home, as most of you already know.  Up-keep, mowing the grass in the summer, paying the bills & taxes are all part of it.  Removing the snow from the front sidewalks, the Patio, and Drive-way is a back breaking job.  However, I do have a snow-blower that I just got done using.  The Sun is melting some of the snow on the drive-way, so that’s always good.


This is my helper for snow blowing.  Does a good job!


Looking right across the street.


Looking up the street.


Looking just down our street.  My Brother’s Home is just off center.

So now you know what my Home area looks like.  Show me your’s?

Thanks for reading/commenting/following.


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