A few of my readers have posted thoughts about Books and what affects your decision to purchase one.  This is one of them that I bought last year and still have not finished reading it.  It’s just under 1000 pages long and measures about 2 inches thick.  I apologize for the photo.  This Laptop does not take a very good photo.

Very well written by Martin Gilbert, he describes in detail what the Nazi War Machine did to the Jewish people during WWII.  From the time that Hitler took power in Germany all the way up to and including what happened at the Nazi Death Camps.  How horrible the Nazi Guards in the Death Camps murdered, shot, starved, burned to death the Jewish people is so horrible to read you almost can’t believe what was done.  It’s a time in our World when the World went mad.

This is just one small excerpt from the book:

“I had personally witnessed and saw for myself the German Guards taking young babies from their Jewish Mothers arms as they came off the Trains, throw them into the air and use them for bayonet practice!”

I can’t find words to describe how this must have been for those poor people.  How someone can be so cruel to their fellow man is way beyond me.  If you see this book on a shelf somewhere, get it and read it.

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