It’s kinda hard to sit here and describe this place from long ago, but it’s a place that I remember back from the 60’s where us kids go go and have a good time.

Back in the early 60’s, Dreamland Park was a small amusement park that had a few buildings, some rides, games to play, and food.  It was nothing real fancy.  Just a small area to go and have a good time.  The Park was here for a number of years, until something happened here that sent it on a down-ward spiral that the Park never recovered from.


I don’t remember the exact date, but what happened here was 2 teenagers were murdered and then buried here on the property by a motorcycle gang named the Pagans.  The 3 gang members abducted the girl & fella, drove them around in a car, and ended up here at Dreamland Park where they rapped the girl and shot her, then beat the boy to death, and buried both of them in a shallow grave.   The gang members were eventually caught and sent to prison where they remain to this day.



After the murdered couple was found, the Park never did truly recover from what happened here.  Attendance dropped off with no one coming anymore.  The Park fell into disrepair and was never sold or brought back to it’s former glory.  All that remains now is a empty shell of what used to be here.  The building have fallen apart with junk laying all over.  Trees have replaced where there used to be a Game Room, good food, and ice cream.


This is what is left of the Tiles for decoration on the Main Building.  However, there is something very strange going on here.  Many of you out there may not believe in Ghost’s or Spirits, but I’m one that does.  I have been told before I went here that the Spirits of the murdered couple are here.  So, I went here with that thought in mind.

The place is marked with Private Property signs that I never did see until later on.  While walking around here, I had this strange feeling that I was being watched by someone or something.  I kept turning around and looking to see if someone was there.  There was nothing but the slight breeze in the trees and bushes.  I’m not saying that this place is haunted, but I still to this day, say that there is something here that I can’t describe.  It’s just a “feeling” that I had.

I have not gone here again.  I’m sure that it’s still there or what is left of it.  I had driven past the area and saw that there are lot’s more Private Property signs posted than before.  Why do they want people out of here?  Is there something here that can’t be explained?  You be the judge.  I know what I felt.

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