In case some of you are wondering just what I look like, here is one photo of me that was taken last year while at my favorite place to walk around with my Camera.  It was during a nice Fall day, so I thought that I’d take a “selfie” of me.  I mounted the camera on my Tripod, set the timer for 12 seconds, ran over in front of the Lens.  This was the result.  It took me 3 try’s to get it right!  I personally think that this photo is not all that good, but then again I never seem to take good images of me.  Sometimes I look like a goof-ball!


Here’s another one taken a few years ago while messin’ around in my small wood shop that I have in back of the house on the covered Patio that I converted into a small shop.  Being a Machinist for 30 yrs. I do enjoy machining something out of wood.  I have made some small display cabinets and other small items that don’t take much time to make.  Here I’m drilling holes on the Delta Drill Press.  I do have pretty much of what I need for woodworking, except a Planer and a Jointer.  I’m usually out here during the late Spring, Summer, and Fall until the weather turns to cold.

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