My childhood home still stands to this day up in Hamburg, PA.

As I stood in front of the ole’ house, so many memories flooded my minds eye.  I was just a boy when living here.  It seem’d so big back then.  Now, it seems so small.  Playing here in the front yard and playing Tag with other kids in the area bring smiles to me.  The home did not have so many trees in front as it does now.  I can stand there and remember exactly where each room of the house is.  The front door opens into a small hallway with the Dining Room off to the right, and the Living Room off to the left.  Stairs lead up to my Mothers room on the left, to another bedroom on the right.  The kitchen was in the back of the house.

An older couple by the name of Mertz still live here.  It’s nice to return to your roots.  Remember where you came from.

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