For the past number of years I have been noticing that when I shoot with my Pentax K10D DSLR the photo’s seem to come out a bit on the blurry side.  It usually happens when I use one of my bigger Lens’s, such as the Phoenix 28-210mm Lens, and my Tamron 80-300mm Lens.  I don’t have a real expensive Tripod, but I do use it when necessary.

I have noticed that while “out there” that many photographers use these Gimbal Heads that will support your camera and Lens much better.  I did some “snooping around” and asked some questions about them.  I was told that they are very good for better camera support so your Lens’s don’t get any shake when you press the button.

So, with all that in mind I decided to order one last week and it came today just like the one you see above.  I mounted it on my Tripod and found that it is a bit heavy and does seem to work well, so far.  Another thing is going to be having to carry the Tripod and Head around from one place to another.  It will get on the heavy side.  I have not had the chance to use it quite yet, but as soon as I can I’ll give it a go.

I also found out that Gimbal Heads come in different makes, prices, and brands.  Depends on how much you want to spend.  You can spend hundreds of dollars on these things.  I didn’t think that I needed anything fancy, so I stayed with one that is cheaper, but will do the job.  I like photography, but I don’t get over-board with buying gear.

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About 25 yrs. ago, during my single years, I had known a Lady that had a cat like this.  The Lady that I knew for just a short time was in a Trade that never let her stay in one place for very long.  Usually it was only for about 3 months at a time, and then she was transferred to another place.  She was a Nuclear Storage Engineer.  She was a very smart girl.

We dated a number of times off and on, until she got the notice that she was being transferred to another Nuclear Power Plant somewhere in Texas.  At that time she had no idea what to do with her Tortoise Schell Cat, cause she could not take it with her.  With that she asked me if I would like to have, Natasha, until she got settled in her new assignment.  I, of course, said I’d watch over her and would send Natasha to her when she was ready.

A few weeks went by until I got a phone call.  It was the cat owner, and she asked me if I wanted to keep Natasha, because she could not have any more cats.  I told her yes, that I would love the cat.  I kept Natasha.  Over a $1000.00 cat was just given to me!

I never heard from that Lady again.  However, I did have Natasha that I enjoyed having around my apartment.  Natasha was a Tortie Schell Persian just about like the one you see above.  One exception was that my cat had bright orange eyes, like some do.  Natasha was a very “loner” cat.  She came to me when she wanted to.  Not when you want her too.  Not very vocal.  Would lay around and sleep most of the time.  Other times, play with her many toys.  She was no lap cat, that’s for sure.  She loved to jump into empty boxes and lay on paper bags.

I had Natasha for just over a year, until I started noticing that something was wrong.  Natasha would “cry” and “meow” and it didn’t sound good.  I took her to the Vet and got some bad news.  Natasha had terminal cancer and it was in-operable.  There was no cure for her.  I had to put her to sleep!  I hated doing that.  Did not want to put her down, but had no choice.  The Vet took care of the burial.

Since then, and now, I don’t have a pussy cat.  Even though I’d just love to have one, again.  Just a plain ole’ Tabby would do me just fine, but there are allot of considerations to make.  Health Care for the “puddy tat” is getting very expensive.  I don’t want to put another one to sleep!

The Picture of a Tortios Schell Persian is NOT my photo.

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The area that I lived in and around is just full of back country roads that traverse in and around the country side.  There are times that I just get into the car and drive roads that I’ve never been on just to see what’s there or just over the next hill.  A good portion of the back roads I know cause I’ve been on them before.  However, here and there I take a turn just to find out where I end up or what I’ll see or notice.  This was one of them

This is the Zion Moselem Church.  Located in a small hollow just off the road I was driving, I happen to notice this quaint little church that I had no idea was there.


Again, just across the road was this old 1-room School House almost like the one I Posted about before, but not in as good condition.  I have no idea on the History of this school or the name of it.  All I know is that it’s part of our education in rural Pennsylvania.  I found out that the 1-room School House’s started to disappear from the country side because of Elementary School consolidation.  It seem’d that there were just too many little schools around the area, so they wanted all the kids to start going to 1 school.  Little places like this are all that remain.


1-ROOM SCHOOL HOUSES are something from the past years.  Not many are to be found anymore.  Usually these little 1-room schools were manned by 1 teacher with about 20 kids to teach the 3 R’s.  Places like this had no running water.  Water had to be hand carried in for hygiene.  Heat in the Winter was usually a Pot Bellied Wood Stove that had to have it’s wood for burning brought in by hand and stored along a wall.  No electric existed then.  Going to the bathroom during the Winter months into a Outhouse always presented a challenge.  The black board or chalk board is still present in some that are left over.  No such thing as a White Board then. School books were handed down from one generation to another.

Nikon D7000 with a Nikkor 18-200mm Lens

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