Betsy Ross (January 1, 1752 – January 30, 1836), born Elizabeth Phoebe Griscom,[1] also later known by her second and third married names: Elizabeth Ashburn and Elizabeth Claypoole,[1] is widely credited with making the first American flag purportedly in 1776, according to family tradition, upon a visit from General George Washington, commander-in-chief of the Continental Army, and changing the shape of the stars described on the flag from six-pointed to easier-to-produce five-pointed stars.[2][3][4] However, there is no archival evidence or other verbal traditions that this story or “legend” of the first American flag is true and supposedly the story first surfaced in the early 1870s by the description of her descendents—a grandson—a century later, with no mention being made or documented anywhere in earlier decades.[5]

While visiting Independence Park located in Philadelphia, PA I had the chance to go see the House of Betsy Ross.  Her home is just outside Independence Park right across the street from Ben Franklin’s Printer Shop.  For a small fee used to keep her Historic Home you can tour the inside of the house.  I shot this photo of her home as it stands today.


Of course, this is not my photo.  However, it shows Betsy Ross presenting the first American Flag to General George Washington.

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