All that remains of the French Fry, Soda, and Hot Dog Stand in Dreamland Park.  The smell of the food, us teen-agers, and the sound of a good time are gone.

DREAMLAND PARK was once a popular Park with rides and food for everyone to enjoy back in the early 60’s.  A Dating Couple were murdered here and the Park never did recover from it.  There is a book out on what happened here called “Dark In The Park.”

3 thoughts on “FALLING APART

    1. Dreamland Park is like a walk back into History for me. I remember when the Park was in full operation. To see it now and how everything looks, is so much different. The Park area is Posted with “No Trespass” all over the area. When I was there I never saw any signs, but now there are many more. Guess the owners don’t want people walking around stealing artifacts from the past. I still say that the area is “spooky”.

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