The St. Nickoles Coal Breaker no longer exists.  It was torn down last year.  Here is one last look at the abandoned Breaker.  I have been to a number of different places in the Coal Region Area and never really was on the apprehensive side, but this place gave me the “willies.”

It was cold, cloudy, windy, and drizzling rain when I shot this photo.  I didn’t expect the weather to turn this bad.  It was just cloudy when I left home, but up in Coal Country weather can change rather fast.  The wind was blowing thru the open structure and created a strange sound.  There was no one else here, but me and my camera.  I did take a look inside the Breaker and found it to be pitch dark.  No way was I gonna go in that place.  Never know what you’ll run into.

Thank you.


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