The weather reports have been telling me that it was supposed to snow again!  This time reports were calling for 3 – 6 inches of the White Stuff on top of what we had gotton a few day’s ago.  The snow we got 2 day’s ago was about 4 inches with sleet and freezing rain.  Just what I did not want!  I was tired of blowing and shoveling before, now I get more to do.

The storm that came over us today was only supposed to dump 3 inches.  WRONG.  It snowed all day today and until it stopped this afternoon we had about 7 inches more.  This time there was no sleet.  Just white fluffy snow.  Snow is so pretty to see when nothing has disturbed it.  It’s like a Winter Wonderland.  I’ve always enjoyed that.  However, lifting it and blowing it around is not so pleasant.  You have to trade one for the other.

Again, I had to get out there with the snow thrower and shovel to clear the drive-way and sidewalks.  I was already sore from the previous time, and now I have added more to my sore muscle’s.  There is not one area of my muscle that is not sore.  I’m finding that being 68 yrs. old that I’m not in the shape that used to be years ago.  In doing all this, I have to be careful with the ole’ ticker.  More people have died from shoveling and blowing snow that it ranks right up there.  What I do is shovel for awhile and then take a break.  Leave my muscles relax a bit, and then start again until it’s pretty well complete.

I have some more to do tomorrow, but that can wait until then.

Thank you.