While walking around in the Town of Jim Thorpe, PA I decided to take a Tour of St. Luke’s Church located just off the main street.  It is a very old church that was built by Asa Packer, if you remember him from my pervious Posts.  The Church is built into the mountain side and only has 2 entrance way’s  The Main entrance and a side one.  It was one of the only Churches in the area to have a elevator installed by Asa Packer’s Wife.

Up in the Main Chapel there is this pair of Gas Candles that are in the rear of the Church.  They are the only kind of candles that exist in PA.  The Lights on the right and left are electric.  These Candles are only used on special occasions and are on for only about a minute during the Tour so everyone can see what they are.  When everyone is gone, they are turned off.  I have never seen anything like these before.  Did not even know they existed.  Amazing what you can learn.

Thank you.


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