When I started Blogging I never thought that I would get as many Followers as I have gotten so far.  I am truly happy that so many have taken the time to follow what I have to say and the photo’s that I take when I go “snooping around” Historical places that are around my area.  I do really try and explain what I see and sometimes that is hard to do for me.

So, with that in mind, I’m taking this short time to say a hearty THANK YOU to everyone.  I appreciate you following my Blog and will continue to do so.

THE ROSE above was taken by me up at one of the Golf Course’s that I play when I can.  I put it into my Paint Shop Pro Photo Editing Software and changed everything to B&W, then outlined the Rose for color to make it stand out more.  Since then I have gotten another better Software called Lightroom 5 and it works so much better.

Thank you, again.


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