Independence National Park is located in Philadelphia, PA which is about a hour drive from my home.  This is looking towards Independence Hall.


WE THE PEOPLE is written in steel on the front of the Main building.  It is the starting words of the Declaration of Independence.


A closer look at Independence Hall


Would you like a Carriage Ride?  I shot this fella because of his colorful uniform.  The carriage is the same color as the horse.


Ben Franklin’s Post Office.  Just behind this building, and somewhat visible, is the “ghost outline” of where Ben’s home once was.


Founded by Alexander Hamilton, the First Bank of the United States, is still here.


The rear of Independence Hall where the Declaration Of Independence was signed on July 4th, 1776.


This is the famous Liberty Bell.  This is a photo of the real thing.  I am sorry for the photo quality, but there were so many, many people around to see this, that it was very hard to get a good shot.  The Liberty Bell has a huge amount of History behind it.  When the bell was rang, it really did crack.  There was this attempt to repair to keep the crack from splitting the bell in half.  It still rings as it did many years ago.


INDEPENDENCE NATIONAL PARK is open to the Public for Tour’s most everyday.  It is Registered on the National Historic Places of the United States.  If you ever get a chance to see this place, go see it.  It is well worth the time.  I will be returning here later on.

Thank you.






Carpenters’ Hall is a treasure in historic Philadelphia. It hosted the First Continental Congress in 1774 and was home to Franklin’s Library Company, The American Philosophical Society, and the First and Second Banks of the United States.

Today, Carpenters’ Hall is open to the public and welcomes over 150,000 world-wide visitors to this wonderful Georgian building.

Set humbly back from Chestnut Street, the Hall has been continuously owned and operated by The Carpenters’ Company of the City and County of Philadelphia, the oldest trade guild in America, since 1770. Today it is also part of Independence National Historical Park.

I had the chance to tour the inside of this Historical building and found that the inside of it was pretty much bare of anything.  A model of how the Hall was built was the only exhibit in the whole building.  The original floor is still there.  I walked on a floor that Ben Franklin, George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Hancock, and more walked so long ago.  It is truly amazing to see the many buildings where History was made for our Country.

Thank you.