This is the place that I seem to be drawn to over and over again.  This is Grings Mill & Recreation Area. 

The name Grings Mill comes from the old Mill that is on the right of the Image.  The Mill, Barn, and Home was built by John Gring back in 1823.  While the old Mill was working, the pond area in the front was once used as a Canal Boat & Barge holding area.  The bridge in the background goes over a Dam that has been there since the early 1900’s.  The small building off to the left was once a power house to harness power from the spillway. The small run on the left side is a over-flow from the Pond.

There is a walking, biking, and running trail off to the left, next to the fence, that runs for 2.4 miles up and down the River.  The Trail was once the Towpath that the Mules and Horses used to pull the barges and canal boats.  During the warmer weather lots of people come here to exercise, and walk the area.  There are History walks where Rangers explain what was once here.  Also, Nature walks and other activities for people to enjoy.

I’ve been coming down here for 4 or 5 yrs. now and never seem to get real tired of the place.  It’s a nice quiet place to walk around with the camera and look around.  Even though I’ve been here more than 20 times in the past, I always seem to keep coming back.

Thank you.


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