During the early & late Spring it is time for the Canada Goose to start pairing up and raise a family.  Here I caught Mother Goose and her 5 little ones taking a break from forging for something to eat.  Although it looks like she is not watching me, she really is.  Father Goose is on patrol in the distance.  I did not dare to get too close to her, or she just might come after me!

The Canada Goose mate for Life and will guard their family even though it might take their Life.  They will attack you if they feel threated.  I know for a fact that they will.  I got too close to one mating pair and one of them hissed at me, lowered his/her head, and came after me!  I backed off right away and left them alone.  Canada Geese have sharp knobs on the front side of their wings and I don’t want to feel what it’s like to get hit by them.  They can also leave a nasty bite.  There also is one problem for me.  Which one is who?  Guess that they know.  That’s all that counts.

Pentax K100D with a Tamron 80-300mm Telephoto Lens.

Thank you.


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