While out roaming around the back roads of my area, I came across this 1-room School House that probably has been here for many years.

1-room School House’s still exist around my area, although most all of them have either fallen apart or burned to the ground.  However, some of the schools have been purchased and turned into Homes.  This one is well taken care of by someone.  Who, I have no idea.


This is looking from what used to be the playground area to the front door.  Back in those day’s there was no air-conditioning, lockers, carpeted floors, or fancy desks like today.  Air Conditioning was a open window.  There was grade separation, but all the children had to sit and listen to other grades that were taught.  I’m not sure what grades were here, as well as in others.  Probably 1-6th Grade.  No computers, either.  Recess was to play out in the playground that had swings and a see-saw.  Recess was usually 1/2 hour or more.  The teacher would ring a hand held bell to say that recess was over and it’s back to learning the 3 R’s.


I would have liked going inside this school from long ago.  Just to see if I’m correct in what I have said.  The School Bell on top was rung by had to signal the beginning of the School session and for the end of the school day.  From what I know, the inside probably had rows of wooden desks or long tables.  I’ve never gone to one of these.  They were a bit before my time, although there were 1 or 2 that were still being used while I was in High School back in the 60’s.