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After doing some consideration, I decided to give a editing Software called Nix HDR a try for 15 day’s and see how good it works.  Seems that it works pretty good, but it’s rather pricey.  Not sure if I’m going to keep this.  We shall see as the time goes by.

This is the old Stonersville Hotel that was built in 1813.  It has been a landmark Hotel for many years.  It has, and still does, serve some great Dinners.  It has undergone a really nice restoration since the last time I saw it.  Before the walls on the outside were plain white and showing many cracks from being here so long.  Whoever did the work did a outstanding job.  I apologize for the darn wires in the Image.  I just could not get rid of them from anywhere I stood.  They are such a nuisance!

This Hotel used to be a “stop over” for travelers going to and from Philadelphia, PA when the road in front was just dirt.  I’m sure that the Horse & Buggy was a means of transportation back then.  You can still rent a room for the night here or longer, if you want.  What they charge, I have no idea.  I searched the Internet for some History about the Hotel, but could not find much, except when it was built.


This is a photo taken from the Internet on what the old Hotel used to look like back in the early day’s.  The other building you see in the back on the Hotel is still there to this day, but out of the Image I shot above.

Image taken by me using a Nikon D7000  Nikkor 18-200mm Lens

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Most of the time, the Blogs that I Post are about something with History in mind.  This time I’m going to start trying something different to Post about instead of something Historical.

I’ve noticed over time that allot of you out there Post a Image of what you want your readers to see.  I’m the same way.  However, before you Post your Image you probably have to edit the Image in one way or another to make it look much better than what your camera has taken.  There are times, when you don’t have to edit anything.  Your Image is just right for what you want.

I use 3 different Photo Editing Programs.  The one I use most is Lightroom 5.  I like it quite allot.  The other’s are Paint Shop Pro X7 and a Program called Picasa.  Both work very well, but can not do some things that Lightroom 5 can do.  It depends on what I want to do with my Image and that decides which program I use.

Lightroom 5 is a real good photo editing program, but a little on the complicated side for me.  I still have not gotten used to using all the different functions it can do.  At times it frustrates me, to the point that I don’t know how to to what I want.  Understanding things like using Layers and Watermarking have me trying to do it.  I have watched a number of “Tuts” on how to do things, but it’s a bit hard to watch something and then try and remember what you were told to do.  There have been a number of times that I would like to add something to my Images, but don’t know how.  An example would be adding a Canal Boat to some of my Canal Images to show how it might have looked back then.  I know it can be done, but how?

Paint Shop Pro X7 is much the same way.  I seem to be able to use PSPX7 better than Lightroom, but not much.  I just keep doing what I know how to do and learn as I go along.

I’m sure that you have, maybe, a different type of Photo Editing Software.  There are so many different one’s out there on the market.  Which one do you use?  How do you learn to use it?

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While visiting Kings Wharf in the Bermuda Islands there was what is left over from WWII.  This Gun emplacement was ment to guard the islands and the Port of Kings Wharf from the Japanese.  Just what size the Gun Battery is, I don’t know.


Here’s another view of the Battery.  The weather on this day was just terrible.  It was raining, windy, and on the foggy side.  Not usual weather for this area.  Normally, it’s sunny and warm.  We must have hit a bad time.

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After a long hard, freezing cold, snowy, windy, Winter, Nature is starting to come around and make area’s green that was once brown and snow laden.  I had the chance to return to one of my favorite area’s and publish what it is here that I remember so well.

Long ago, this was a railroad bed for the Pennsylvania & Blue Mountain RR that hauled goods thru here from the Coal Region area down into Philadelphia.  I was in the early 1900’s that the Railroad stopped running here and the tracks were left to rust away along with the wooden ties.  Many years later, the Hamburg Historical Association got the rights to turn the rails into a walking, jogging, bicycle, and hiking trail that extends 7 more miles beyond this point.


Along the way there are markers made of wood that let you know what was once here and how far you have walked so far.


About a 1/4 mile down the trail, you cross this old, old Bridge that supported the steam engines on their way South.  It still stands after all these years have passed.  It is quite rusted.


Some of the old tracks still exist, but are not used that much.


This is looking down the old Bridge that is now part of the Walking Trail.  It was named the Bartrum Trail, but I don’t know how they came up with that name.  Like I stated before, the ole’ Bridge is very rusted and probably would not support a heavy weight.  If you look down to the dirt road beneath, it’s a good 50 ft. drop.  This is why there are chain link fence along the edges.




This is Mildred, the once used Houseboat on the old Schuylkill Canal.  People that traveled the Canal sometimes lived in Houseboats such as this one.  Of course, it probably did not look quite this good back then.  It has been repaired and painted to look like it did so many years ago.

In the inside there is not much room.  Just enough for a bedroom, kitchen, and a very small living space.  Mildred sit’s overlooking what is left of the Canal she once traveled.  In the distance behind Mildred, spans the Red Covered Bridge.




Located about a 20min drive from my home, is the small Historic Town of Port Clinton, PA.  Port Clinton was one of the small towns that was alongside the Schuylkill Canal back in the 1800’s.  This is why you see a picture of one of the Canal Boats that once traveled up and down the Canal.  Port Clinton is not a very big town at all.  Has about 288 people living here.  There is not much to be found of the old Canal here, even though it started because of it.  All of what used to be is now covered over or just eliminated from the area.  There is just one main street running right thru the old town.  Not much else.


However, walking around I did find some old structures that have been here for a long time.  What this really was, I don’t know.  It did have a old gas pump behind it, that is just rusting away. 



This was a old Mule Stable.


Here’s a more close-up view of that old gas pump.




I am guessing that by now you are all getting tired of seeing my Posts of the old Schuylkill Canal.  I promise that this will be the last one, unless you still want to see more.  I can do that.

For either it be one reason or another I am fascinated by what is left over from the old Canal that still exists today.  There is so much History here.  I stood here and tried to visualize what it looked like back in the day when Canal Boats once traveled up and down this area being towed by a Horse or Mule on the Towpath to the left.  It would be nice to step back in time and see for myself what is was.  However, that’s not possible.  Canal Boats loaded with coal, wood, food, and people once were here.  I have to just see in my minds eye what it used to be.

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Nikon D7000  Nikkor 18-200mm Lens ISO 400 f/5.6