Back in the 1950’s this building used to be the home of Berkey Underware, a manufacturer of under clothing for men and women.  It is also where my Mother worked for a number of years as a Typist and Secretary.  Just who is in this building now, I have no idea.  I am assuming that it is still being used for something and owned by someone.  It has not changed all that much over the passing years.  I am surprised that it’s still here.

If I remember right, Mr. Berkey the owner of the business back then, had a Son that was about the same age as me.  I think his Son’s name was David Berkey, but not sure.  Anyway, back when they were building the Interstate Highway there was a crossing bridge over the un-finished Highway for people to cross over without getting hit by traffic.  Well, David did not want to walk across the Bridge and thought he could beat the traffic by running across the highway.  Big mistake!  He was hit by a car, and ended up in the Hamburg Santorum almost totally paralyzed from the neck down.  That happened many years ago.  If he is still alive today, I wonder what ever happened to him.  Never heard anything about him.

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