Located in my ole’ hometown of Fleetwood, PA stands the empty house that was once a local grocery store and candy shop for us kids in High School.  It was called Strauss Store for many many years.  Mr. Strauss, owned the business, and did so much for us kids back in the 60’s.  He was always there to greet people and had pretty much of everything you could want in food, candy, soda, and ice cream.  Us kids were always up here after school let out for soda and ice cream.  He even had a juke box where we could play the latest hit’s of the 50’s & 60’s for a dime a play.  6 plays for a quarter!  Something you don’t see anymore.

Straussies Store stayed open for a number of years after I was gone, but after time it could not keep up with the changing lifestyle.  Mr. Strauss passed away and his Son took it over, but it never got back to it’s original way.  I’m not sure when it closed.  It stood vacant for years until the Fleetwood Orioles bought it and plan to do something with it that I don’t know about.

I am sorry to see this Historic place change into something else.  This ole’ Store has so many, many memories for hundreds of people that are now grown up.  We all remember Mr. Strauss and all he did for us kids back then.  Rest in peace, Mr. Strauss.  You are remembered.

Thanks for your visit.


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