Yesterday while the weather was so nice, I decided to take my camera and go visit one of the Historical places that I remember from my childhood in Hamburg, PA.

This is looking down the ole’ Schuylkill Canal Towpath that horses & mules once walked towing the canal barges down the Canal.  Now, this is a walking, bicycling, running, and exercise Trail that is maintained by the Historical Committee of Hamburg.  What is left of the old Canal is off to the left of the Image, with the Schuylkill River to the right.


The old Towpath is to the right of this Image.  Looking South towards Hamburg.  There are a number of places where you can still see what is left of the old Canal, but you have to know where they are.


Again, looking South to Hamburg, there is not a whole lot left of the once well used Canal.  To get this shot, I had to go down a embankment and step into what was once the bottom of the Canal.  Most of it was soft and easy to walk on, but there were places that I almost sank into mud to my ankle!  Had to be careful where I walked or get stuck in heavy mud.


This is looking North to Port Clinton, another Historical town.  The original Canal wall is still visible on the left of the Image.  I apoligize for the double water-mark.  Must be more careful not to do that.  Would you believe that I once went swimming here a long time ago?  I did that while just a young boy.  Now, I would not go in that water if paid to do so.  During the Summer when everything is over-grown this is probably full of “critters” that I don’t want any part of.  Snakes & Snapping Turtles.  Who knows what else.

Thanks for the visit.


6 thoughts on “FROM TOWPATH TO TRAIL

    1. Since I have never been to the Ukraine, I can only imagine what it is. The only thing I know of the Ukraine is that your Country has been having allot of trouble with Russia. Russia should leave you people alone! Don’t know what the big fuss is about. Most people over here in the USA don’t trust Russia at all! I don’t either! I had some dealings with them while in the US Navy years ago. The Russian Sailors were as curious about us as we were them!

      1. Yeah, during the recent years we have a war with Russia and separatists on the East. Our people suffer a lot, we were never thinking that such a peaceful nation could get into such a trouble.

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